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Hot Off the Presses: PrimeFlight's Ground Services Cover Story in Ground Support Worldwide

PrimeFlight's data-driven ground support services are the cover story in the latest issue of Ground Support Worldwide magazine.

Mark Marudas and Steve Leonard talk about how our proprietary automated centralized dispatch system, SynTrack, and our exterior aircraft cleaning process, X-Wash, enhance the passenger experience and add value for our customers.

A management information system puts employees where they need to be when they need to be there.

"To support our customer's customer service needs is our basic core philosophy," says Mark Marudas, executive vice president of operations and business development. "To accomplish that task, we put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that we develop exceptional people and have a system in place that supports our various services that can be standardized through a large network to enhance passenger experience and add value to an airlines's brand."

Buried in that long quote is the phrase "have a system" that's one key to the company's focus on brand management.

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