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Commendation from Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is famous for our Legendary Customer Service, but Southwest Employees are not the only ones inspiring praise from our Customers, an abundance of acclaim belongs to our contracted employees! We received a great compliment from one of our valued Customers, and, in addition to submitting a mark of meritorious service to your Station's record, it behooves us to share the below comments with you so that you can pass them along.

Our contracted employees are invaluable members of our Team, and we are not surprised in the least how quick our Customers are to compliment their excellent Customer Service. Under your Leadership, we are confident that these employees will continue to excel.

Email comments from Mary Prechel:

"My nearly 94 year old mother, Ruth Gower, flew by herself from Midway to MSP last Wednesday and I have a huge Thank You to the Southwest staff at both airports for taking such great care of her. From the time the limo driver handed her off to Southwest in Chicago, your staff respectfully and efficiently made sure she was comfortable, wheeled to the bathroom, got her boarding pass, checked her luggage, etc - and then moved her with a gate change due to weather. Then she was assisted onto the plane for a good flight. I got an escort pass and met her at MSP at the gate and we had a wonderful young woman (I think her name was Hajah?) who assisted us in picking up luggage, going to the bathroom and wheeling her directly to the car. We have flown together last year on Southwest and had the same experience, so she felt up to trying it alone - and now is totally confident about her return flight to IL in January. Thanks Southwest for all that you do in offering such great customer service. That's why we only try to fly with you!"

Natalia Starling Joins PrimeFlight as General Manager – GSP

Mark Gilbert, new PrimeFlight GM at ROC We are pleased to announce that Natalia Starling has joined the team as the new PrimeFlight general manager at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).

Natalia is an Industrial Engineer who comes to us via a career managing commercial property facility cleaning. Most recently Natalia oversaw a workforce in excess of 45 people and 120,000 square feet at a Michelin US plant in the Greenville-Spartanburg area.

Residing in Greer, SC, Natalia is the mother of two children (ages 11 and 13), and enjoys time traveling with her family.

She is an outstanding addition to the PrimeFlight family. Please join us in welcoming Natalia.

Luis Lastra Joins PrimeFlight as General Manager at SJU

PrimeFlight is pleased to announce Luis Lastra as the new General Manager at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Luis is a 25-year veteran of American Airlines, recently retiring as the International Director of the San Juan hub, U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands for American Eagle.

Beyond his vast experience in airport operations, Luis holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. He is bilingual in Spanish and English. Having spent the majority of his career in San Juan, Luis is well connected at SJU.

Luis is a proud father of an 11-year-old daughter, Amanda. Both reside in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are excited to have him join the PrimeFlight team.

Southwest Airlines LUVs PrimeFlight Wheelchair Attendants

Paula Sosa, customer service supervisor for Southwest Airlines, wrote the following letter to commend three PrimeFlight wheelchair attendants for the exemplary service they provide.

David is extraordinary. He is always assisting wherever he can. In fact he assisted a passenger a few nights ago. This gentleman left his ring in the men's restroom in the gate area. Because security checkpoint was already closed, we could not get the passenger to the gate area to retrieve. David stepped and said he would help out. He went across to the gates and returned minutes with the passenger's ring. He is always assisting the employees in the Baggage Service Office as well. We LUV him.

Lou's praise is long due. I apologize for taking so long to let you know about Lou. One night we had a drop in flight with a medical. The passenger was not going to be able to travel to LAX that same night. In order to get this passenger to her final destination the next morning, I had to set up a hotel room, notify her family, and make her travel arrangements for the next morning as I would not be here. So that I could do all this, Lou took it upon herself to sit with the older woman who was shaken up. Lou sat and talked with her until I could get the shuttle from the hotel to pick her up. This was tremendous help to me so that I would not have to worry about the passenger. I know too that the passenger appreciated someone near in case she became ill again. Thank you Lou.

Then there is the charismatic Joel. Joel is always pleasant and helpful. We can always count on Joel to assist in any way possible or to get us the assistance we need. He is an asset to your organization.

You have an extraordinary crew right now.