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PrimeFlight Aviation Services Begins Total Handling Services for Frontier Airlines

May 21, 2024

(Sugar Land, TX – May 14, 2024) PrimeFlight Aviation Services, a leading provider of airport services, begun providing above and below wing services for Frontier Airlines at CVG airport, including customer service, ramp service, and cabin cleaning services support.

"I’m so proud of our team, led by General Manager Allan Badgerow, for a seamless start to services for Frontier as they launched four new routes out of CVG," said Charlotte Cheatham, EVP and Chief Operating Officer for PrimeFlight Aviation Services. "Our team was able to start services fully staffed and worked closely with the Frontier team with the collective goal of delivering exceptional service to their passengers.”

PrimeFlight has been providing airport services for over 20 years and currently operates at more than 200 airports globally through its network of subsidiaries, which includes PrimeFlight GSE Maintenance, PrimeFlight Cargo, Skytanking, Garsite, Prime Appearance, and others.

About PrimeFlight Aviation Services
Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, PrimeFlight Aviation Services and its network of subsidiaries provides major airlines and airports with ground handling, fueling services, cargo handling, GSE maintenance, aircraft services, deicing, passenger services, aviation cleaning supplies, and terminal services, as well as general aviation aircraft cleaning and support services, across a global footprint. PrimeFlight is a portfolio company of The Sterling Group and Capitol Meridian Partners. For more information, visit