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Exterior Wash & Wax Services

Providing the aircraft with as smooth a surface as possible reduces friction from airflow during flight. As a result, washing and polishing aircraft reduces drag, translating to better aerodynamics and greater fuel economy, an important consideration in the face of rising fuel costs.

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Our exterior wash services extend paint life and keep your fleet looking new. By maintaining the exterior of your aircraft you may also realize fuel savings due to less weight and drag.

We pioneered the industry standards in exterior cleaning and follow a precise step-by-step guide using our line of proprietary aviation cleaning products for every wash and wax that can be customized to your needs and company standards. We will develop an exterior cleaning program to fit your needs.

Exterior wash services include wash, polish, wax, bright work and touch-up services. Our polish and wax services reduce dirt buildup and add a UV protectant, while spot cleaning can be scheduled as needed for the areas that need it most such as belly, leaks, and wings. Finally, polishing and shining all aluminum edges on your aircraft, through our brightwork services, can make your aircraft look new again.


Dry Washing

Our dry washing program is efficient, flexible and meets environmental restrictions at most airports since no water is used. It is approved by all aircraft manufacturers and meets all FAA inspection requirements. In addition to improving fuel economy and reducing drag, it can reduce the risk of corrosion while prolonging paint life by removing contaminants such as fuel, oil deposits and salts. Our protective wax also provides an additional barrier and may increase the time needed between exterior wash cycles.


Wet Washing

Our wet wash procedure is completed by highly trained technicians using approved apparatus in designated containment areas per Clean Water Act and Storm Water Regulation Compliance. Our process uses minimal water at low pressure and surge rates with approved chemicals and wash devices. The waste water recovered is treated with approved environmentally safe chemicals. We then dispose of all affluent after the process is completed.


Wax & Polishing Services

Completed by our trained technicians, this service provides an added layer of wax protection. This maximizes the shine of the aircraft while extending the paint life and removing oxidation.



This service provides your aircraft with a mirror finish that gives it a like-new exterior from the nacelles and leading edges to the window trim. This procedure reduces corrosion and helps maintain proper airflow over control surfaces.


Spot Washing

Partial washes are competed with no area or size limitations and include jet-way rash removal, belly clean, lavatory dump areas and APU exhaust area.